Our Approach gives the best chance for success!

Why Choose Arise

Arise Youth Home is a group homes for Teens struggling at home, school, or community. It is designed for good kids that are just headed in the wrong direction. But like a vehicle headed for a head on collision, unless there is an immediate and strong change in direction the results are going to be disastrous if not fatal. Arise can provide that strong change in direction so needed by many of today's Teens.

AriseTo The Future

Arise energetically works with youth to guide them in developing the life skills, relationship strategies and goal achievements needed to be successful and happy. Arise is effective in aiding the student to incorporate these traits into their daily lives. These new-found habits and skills are transferable, assisting Arise students to better lead productive, happy lives in their future. This transformation will not be easy, few things that are worthwhile in life are. The student and their family will experience growing pains, set backs, frustrations and ultimately triumphs!

Our primary goal is to provide your child with the skills they need to lead a healthy, productive life. With that in mind, we provide an environment where your child can learn self-discipline, motivation and resistance to negative peer pressure-all skills that can make your child a strong leader. Using positive peer culture and constructive feedback, we help students learn more about themselves and the positive capabilities within, and to develop self-mastery to correct their own behavior through simple attitude adjustments. Throughout this transformation process however, we at Arise will be there for the student and their family to assist in the reunification of family as well as the maturation, education and development of the student.

Education a Formula for Success

Studies by Dr. James Gilligan, renowned Penology expert, tells us why education is so important. He worked in correctional institution, most of inmates are age 30 or younger, and according to him, the one thing proven to prevent relapsing into criminal behavior is the act of obtaining a college degree while in prison. Amazingly, educating prisoners is 100% effective at preventing inmates from returning to a life a crime. Think about that for a minute. If education is this effective with convicted criminals, imagine how much more effective it could be for teens who are merely struggling in their home, school or community!

Online Academics

Through the use of state of the art computerized education students are able to move at their own pace. The curriculum has a large selection of elective and required Academic courses available. Students get the chance to work on their classes with new, modern technology including online textbooks, 3D animation, video clips, teaching online, and other multimedia, which makes it the perfect supervised self -paced curriculum that compliments today’s generation.

Learning Good Study Habits

  • Reading Comprehension Students can read an entire page and not comprehend or focus on what they just read. We help students gain the skills to comprehend what they read. Including Highlighting, note taking, reading, understanding difficult text and more!
  • Note Taking The longest memory is not as good as the shortest pencil. Students learn to efficiently take notes for future reference. We teach students the "5 R's of note taking"!
  • Test Taking Many students are great at classroom work but struggle with test taking. Ability to effectively take test is crucial as most college courses, job certifications require ability to take and pass test. We teach students 4 critical steps in taking test.
    1. Preparing
    2. Organization when taking the test
    3. Managing Stress
    4. Learning from the test
  • Writing Students are the first generation of the communication age. The ability to write and express ideas is crucial. Effective writing is the combination of many skills that must be learned, implemented and mastered!
  • Understanding Instead of Memorizing When students understand what they are learning the enjoy it. They will also remember key concepts and ideas for the long term.
  • Studying Math/Science Math and Science can be challenging to students as it is like learning a new language with unique signs and symbols as well as concepts. We work with the students so they have an understanding of Math and Science concepts and skills! Our curriculum uses practical examples of Math and Science, so when possible we relate to the real world!

Family Centered

The family is the core unit of society and is the most instrumental institution in a person's life. Arise Youth Home students live in a group home setting. These small family groups help address the individual needs and attention of the student.

Our family centered approach allows for more fully developed habits, life skills, student maturation, family cohesiveness, unified purpose all of which, allow for a more successful return of the student to their home, school and society.


At Arise Youth Home, manners are observed and taught. Students are expected to be polite and treat one another with respect-even addressing staff and teachers as Mr. John or Miss Jane. This may look like a return to traditional values, in reality, it's much, much more. Psychologist John Gottman found that "children who learn socially appropriate ways to solve problems and handle life's upsets are physically healthier and more attentive, have more empathy and more friends, and perform better in school." Through manners, hygiene and grooming, we teach students to value themselves and others - lessons that are best learned through experience and not from a textbook. 3 critical etiquette rules staff & students live by:
  1. I will actively practice being polite, even to people I don't like.
  2. Consideration of others goes far beyond politeness. I must think about the impact of my actions on other people.
  3. I must do the right thing, whether anyone's looking or not.
These are the manners we instill in our students. While it may look like old-fashioned values, Southern Hospitality is really a lesson in self-discipline. And once mastered, it becomes one more victory that keeps our students on the path toward success.

Charachter Development

Character building courses are essential to helping our Students gain new insight, motivation and direction. Coupled with Skill Building and Personal Development Courses, our Students get the full treatment and learn how to better handle some of the struggles that they are dealing with in everyday life. They learn how to better prepare themselves for future problems, how to handle current problems and how to make the appropriate choices in many different areas of their lives. These classes can be anything from professional audio and videotapes, selective reading material and staff or peer feedback.

Georgia Mountains

Arise Youth Home is located in Blue Ridge, GA. Blue Ridge is located in North Georgia in the tri-state area of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Our facility is within a few miles of Beautiful Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Trails.


Our students gain new perspectives as they engage in diverse opportunists to see and do new things.

Activities that our students may do

  • Hiking (Appalachian Trail is within minutes of our facility)
  • Mountain Bike Trails and Rides
  • Fishing
  • White Water Rafting
  • Kayaking/Water Tubing
  • Touring Nearby Cities and Attractions

Change Through New Experiences!


Daily Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Daily: 15 Minutes Each
  • Mind: Study & Pondering
  • Body: Yoga & Core
  • Spirit: Pray & Meditate
Daily: 15 Minutes EachMind: Study & PonderingBody: Yoga & CoreSpirit: Pray & Meditate

8 Principals We Teach and Live By

First Impressions Matter
First Impressions Matter

Studies have shown that you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. How you dress and how you present yourself communicates who you are and how you should be treated

Good Manners Suggest Gratitude
Good Manners Suggest Gratitude

Good manners suggest gratitude instead of a sense of entitlement. Attitude is everything! Not only does gratitude help you enjoy life more, it makes others enjoy your company.

Manners are a reflection of your family
Manners are a reflection of your family

Manners are reflection of your family name. They can even tell people where you are from and what you stand for! And good manners are a simple way to show respect for your family.

Everyone Deserves Respect
Everyone Deserves Respect

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Consideration of others goes far beyond politeness. You must think about the impact your actions have on other people. You must respect other people's race, religion, heritage, values, and property.

Be a Positive Impact
Be a Positive Impact

It makes you a positive influence. "What-e'er thou art, act well thy part." To be successful, wherever you find yourself, do your best to have a positive impact!

Manners Create Good Will
Manners Create Good Will

Manners create good will. When you're kind and polite, it builds trust. This can be quite valuable if a need arises or if your behavior comes into question. When people trust you, they often give you the benefit of the doubt.

How You Dress Affects How You Feel!
How You Dress Affects How You Feel!

Your dress and behavior make you feel better! You tend to act and feel as good as you look. More importantly, most jobs have dress and grooming standards. So to prepare, we ask students to establish good grooming and hygiene habits now.

Manners an easy way to serve others!
Manners an easy way to serve others!

It's an easy way to serve others. The pinnacle of good manners is your ability to serve others. All great leaders are known for their acts of service. True self-discovery comes at the service of others. And the greatest inventions of our time have been designed to serve people. A service-oriented mindset leads to a business-oriented mindset!